About Us

Name-Reaction.com is your go-to source for name reactions

Located in beautiful Toronto, Canada

Comprehensive and visually dynamic, Name-Reaction.com is your tool to quickly and easily learn organic reactions.

While working on his graduate studies in Organic Chemistry, Endri Gjiri noticed a lack of online name reaction resources that were accurate and easy to decipher. That need sparked a desire to create Name-Reaction.com, which provides clear and concise reaction schematics and mechanisms that you actually "get".

Name-Reaction.com is aimed at educating chemists on organic reactions in an interactive, dynamic and easy to understand format in order to better visualize the abstract world of chemistry and facilitate learning.

About the website

Built from the ground up using Ruby on Rails, the development of this website was truly a joy. The site takes advantage of HTML5 and CSS3 technologies, as well as Javascript and JQuery. All the data on the reactions, examples, journals, and users are stored on the cloud in a MySQL database.