New Feature: Image Magnifier


From the initial design of the website one of the key decisions was to create the reaction images as vector images (SVG format). This format provides many benefits, one of which is the ability to modify the image in real time with code.

We have thought of a variety of ways to manipulate these images to provide a richer and more engaging experience for our users. Today we are introducing a new feature which utilizes these capabilities of SVG images.

Zooming into the reaction images is now possible with the new Magnifier feature.

When hovering over a schematic or mechanism, a magnifying glass icon appears on the right. Clicking on this icon activates the feature which displays a large magnifying glass that enlarges a particular area of the image 2.5 times.

Try it yourself on a random reaction

Note: The Magnifier feature relies on SVG images and is not available in Firefox, as we have explained in a previous blog post.