Our Philosophy


Our goal for is to become the go-to source for organic name reactions. We believe that in order to achieve this we must have great content and present it in beautiful and unique ways. We think that this is the recipe to attract a loyal audience that will truly enjoy our work.

What we are working on at

  1. Content / Reactions – schematics, descriptions, mechanisms, and references.
  2. Website – design, back-end development, additional features, and bug fixes.
  3. Spreading the word – SEO, social media, paid ads, word of mouth.
  4. Connecting with users – Twitter, Facebook, Blog, Feedback page (email).
  5. Ads – Attracting advertisers, Google Adsense

We are always thinking of these 5 areas as we try to maintain a balance. Over the past year, before the launch of the site we worked on 1 & 2, to produce the site as you see it now. We think that it is quite a departure from the usual chemistry websites, but we think it is for the better. We are by no means finished here and will continue to innovate and add more content along the way.

Our goal now is to focus on #3, increasing awareness of We think of this site is a great resource for professionals, graduate students, and undergrads. With the new school year starting shortly we would like to reach as many students as possible and let them know of this great resource.

We have a philophy of how to do things for each of these 5 areas.

We believe that the focus of the site has to be the content, and everything else must be out of the way. The navigation is simple and located at the top where users can easily find the pages they need.

Our view on the ads is similar. We do not want to crowd the page with ads on the header, sidebar, footer, and middle of the content like a lot of websites do. Our goal is not to trick users to click on the ads because they can not differentiate it from the content of the website. Our ads are on the side, clearly visible, and if users see something useful they can easily click on them.